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Are you looking for BIM Clash Coordination Services for your construction project in the USA? Well, the answer is to hire one of the best BIM clash detection and coordination service providers near to your areas – be it in DC, VA, MD, or Baltimore.  But why should you opt for BIM Clash Detection Services?

What is BIM Clash Detection?

Clash detection is a constituent of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process and is the recognition of conflicts or clashes, amongst architectural, structural, or MEPFP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, & fire protection) disciplines, through an automated and computerized approach. In BIM, Clash Detection is the method of detecting how and where the two parts of the building are interfering with each other.

Why is Clash Detection Essential?

Clash detection facilitates in reducing project errors in the existing or completed model before construction. It is important for recognizing and flagging conflicts occurring in the BIM Model, especially while working with several models that are subsequently integrated into one composite model. The running of automatic clash detection with BIM technology reduces the manual time needed for checking the models and decreases the overall project construction cost. Clash detection also avoids unnecessary delays before fabrication and curtails price overruns.

What is BIM Clash Coordination?

BIM Clash Coordination is a method of inspecting collisions (also called clashes) and interference for ensuring that the design flaws are amended and compliant with the building standards and codes. The process gets accomplished in Revit and Navisworks. By undertaking clash detection in Revit, BIM Engineers can detect the clashes and validate the design without affecting the building compliance.

In case the clash resolution causes a change in design they get highlighted in a BIM coordination meeting with all the BIM Modelers and the Design Engineers of various disciplines.All the stakeholders involved in the project – be it Architect, Engineer, Contractors, or the Builder approve the changes to resolve the clashes without any conflict further.

What are the Benefits of Clash Detection in BIM?

Clash detection through BIM helps in accelerating the project work by detecting clashes in various models during the design development stage, facilitating the architects and contractors to eliminate chances of multi-level design changes that lead to budget overshoot and project delays.

·         Accurate Engineering Design Documentation

·         Fewer Iterations during the Construction Phase

·         Improved Coordination & Collaboration amongst Team Members

·         Automatic Conflict Resolution

·         Streamlined & Integrated Approach to Work

What are the Types of Clashes?

·         Hard Clash - Hard Clash encompasses two components sharing the same place like a duct running through a plumbing line or pipework through a steel beam. It is detected as per geometry or semantic &rule-based algorithms on BIM objects with entrenched information.

·         Soft Clash–This occurs when an object intrudes in a geometric or spatial tolerance. This can also occur if a buffer zone is broken affecting access, maintenance, and safety. By placing the object data directly in the BIM, adherence to safety standards or building codes can be ensured.

·         4D Clashes -4D clashes notify an engineer of any contractor or crew about scheduling problems, clashes, and timeline conflicts.

What are the Types of BIM Clash Detection Services?

·         Identifying Constructability Issues

·         Value Engineering

·         Generating Clash Reports

·         Online Coordination

·         Clash Detection through Revit & Navisworks

·         3D BIM Clash Resolution

How does Revit Clash Coordination Software help in Design Validation?

Revit Clash Coordination Services acts as a brilliant alternative to design validation through conflict detection as it  can produce schedules and location-wise clashes. Autodesk Revit has valuable clash detection utilities and exhibits clashes based on object interference, highlighting them as per requirement. Complex clash detection can be managed through Revit BIM coordination software.

What is Navisworks Clash Detection?

Clash detection in Navisworks helps in e effective identification, inspection, and reporting of interferences in a 3D BIM model.  Clash Detection tool is used in Navisworks for reducing the risk of human error during the model inspection.

How to Make a Clash Report on Navisworks?

To Create a Clash Report on Navisworks software platform:

·         Run the desired test in the Clash Detection window and click the Report tab.

·         Choose the check boxes for the data in the content area for appearing in the report of each clash result

·         Include drop-down list in the For Conflict Groups& select the way of displaying the clash groups in a report

Why BIM Design Coordination is used for Clash Resolution with 360 Design?

BIM 360 Design, earlier popular as Revit Collaboration software is a cloud-based service connecting building project teams with centralized access to project data. BIM 360 Design facilitates project teams to collaborate efficiently anytime and anywhere with access to a single source of information from the BIM Model.

Why BIM Model Coordination with 360 Glue used for Clash Coordination?

Autodesk BIM 360 Glue is a cloud-based BIM collaboration software application that joins the whole project team spread across the globe and streamlines the construction project workflows. Using BIM 360 Glue, conflicts can be identified in merged models. AEC professionals can easily detect and track conflicts and resolve issues. Using the clash review tools, a construction team can successfully manage and streamline the coordination process.

What are the Clash Detection Benefits of using BIM 360?

·         Automatic Identification &Clashes Detection between Coordinated Models

·         Detection of Group Conflicts together by Object for Faster Clash Resolution

·         Resolving Coordination Issues

Where to find the Best Clash Coordination Service Provider in the USA?

Tejjy Inc. is one of the competent BIM Service Providers in Washington DC with a committed team of BIM Modelers who perform clash detection and resolution along with their prospective solutions to clients. The commitment of the expert BIM Modeling team helps to identify and rectify issues at an early stage, thus reducing hassles and creating a flawless 3D prototype of the model.

Call the BIM Services Experts of Tejjy Inc.at 202-465-4830 or email us at info@tejjy.com for discussing your BIM clash coordination projects.


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